Sauerkraut Update and Food Films

Yesterday was the 7th day for the Sauerkraut. Good thing too, because certain people were beginning to make comments about the smell. Not complaining mind you, I didn’t say that. Just comments. :)

I removed the weights off the top and scrutinized it for any odd things forming on the sides or top of the jar. Yes, people have done this for hundreds of years, but I like to take reasonable precaution.

It looked good.

I usually like to refrigerate it before tasting (Psychological I know. :P), but this time I gingerly took a bite. Perhaps it needed a few more days.

It tasted good. It tasted great! The perfect sourness, the right crunch, the color…well, what else can I say about that color? Definitely not red, not purple – magnificently magenta! Honestly, I was afraid it might turn purple on me…or brown or something. Have you ever cooked purple asparagus? I was so disappointed that it looks just like regular green asparagus when cooked. Not that green is bad. I love green. It’s just that purple asparagus should stay purple, in my humble opinion. :D

Anyway… Yay! The Kraut is done!

This will go great on Reubens, or bratwurst, or as a side with steak and potatoes.

So, I have to tell you about a couple documentaries I just watched.

The first one is called Crying Wolf. You can watch it for free on the website for a short period of time and I strongly recommend that you do.

“This film is about exposing the lies and proclaiming the truth about what the movement to bring back wolves to Yellowstone – and the rest of America – is really about.”

You may be wondering what this has to do with food. It has way more to do with it than you would ever imagine. Wolves are multiplying in dangerous numbers and killing off what used to be the biggest sustainable herds of wild game in the world. They don’t just affect the hunters though. They are killing cattle and sheep as well. Do you think the government is doing anything about this mess they created? Watch the film to find out.

DIVE! is a creative film featuring America’s…I bet you can’t guess…dumpsters! These guys do a great job of showing the huge amount of food that is just trashed because it’s not quite good enough for the shelves. However, as Jeremy Seifert points out, it could feed the many people that go hungry here in America.

Dive! Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

While this is an interesting and eye-opening film, he doesn’t root out the underlying issue here. Why is all this food being wasted when, apparently, we have a major food crisis on our hands? In one word – Bureaucracy.

Have any of you watched these films? What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Sauerkraut Update and Food Films

  1. Great post Sarah! I thought both films were interesting and informative! I don’t know exactly what to do about the wolves, but I think it would be beneficial to check out the dumpsters in our area and do something about that.

    It seems like more and more GOVERNMENT = WASTE. Either that or they have an ulterior motive. It’s hard to believe they are all so ignorant.

    • More Government = more waste. That’s rather ironic isn’t it, since our system has been trashed for years.
      Maybe our punster is just rubbing off on me again… :P

    • Yeah, you need to watch DIVE! :D
      Having kraut tonight with the meatloaf!
      Oh, and thanks for pointing out that physiological is not psychological. LOL! I can’t believe I did that!

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