A list of cookbooks, health books, videos, stores, websites, links and kitchen gadgets that I have found helpful in or about the kitchen.

Websites and Links

Foodimentary – A Food Lover’s Notebook    

  • Ever wondered if  Chocolate Covered Peanuts have a day of their own? Or the history behind it? Find Food Holidays for any or every day. This blog is so fun!

Epicurious – Kitchen Dictionary   

  • Yes! Finally found one that has a pronunciation guide as well!

The Science of Cooking  

  • Lots of interesting tips and facts.


  • How long does food really last and other interesting information

Favorite Cookbooks

Just a Matter of Thyme – Roxie Kelley

  • Every recipe I’ve tried from this book (and the others from her) have been fabulous! It’s my go-to cookbook for parties.

Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’ – Tim and Christine Conners

  • This is a great guide to preparing food for the back country.

Deer Valley Ranch Cookbook – Sue Dewalt

Informative Videos

The Future of Food  Watch it for free!

FOOD INC.  If you really don’t want to know about your food – where it comes from and what happens to it – don’t watch this. I recommend it though. :D

The World According to Monsanto  This is a full length documentary about GMOs and what Monsanto is doing to the world. You need to watch this! 

Health and Wellness

The Schwarzbein Principle – Diana Schwarzbein

Food Magazines

Favorite Kitchen Stores

My Spice Sage   

  • Love this herb and spice company! Shop by cuisine- Indian, Spanish, Greek, etc.  And you know what? They give you a free sample in every order. Cool!

West Elm

  • Love, Love LOVE this store. I was so sad to find that the measuring cups (header for my blog) are no longer available to buy. :(

Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

citrus juicer

The best rubber spatula EVER – no seams for gunk and bacteria to get into.

Epicurean cutting board – wish I could get one of everything they make.

Rösle Kitchen tools – I have the can opener and peeler. I think they will last me forever.


Throw your thoughts into the mix!

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