penarious: adj. of or pertaining to food supplies or provisions

Once upon a time there lived a word that went by the name Penarious. It was a good word, but got lost among the thousands of other words that were put in the dictionary every year. As the decades went by people forgot about the word penarious. Other food related words like victuals, viands and vittles somehow made it through this process of word elimination, but penarious (a better sounding word in my opinion) was sent to keep company with other endangered words like nidifice, seplasiary, gumfiate, sagitipotent and locupletative at

It was at this little website where I discovered and adopted the word, Penarious, for my 2010 Penarious Challenge. The 2010 Penarious Challenge was an opportunity for readers to submit a recipe for me to test-try to see what was involved in making it and if it was worth their time, or just submitting an idea for a recipe that I would attempt to create one for them. This resulted in great recipes like Heinz-like homemade ketchup, dairy and gluten free potato soup, best ever chocolate ice cream, a low carb casserole for diabetics, parsley pesto, and an amazing orange almond cream cake.

Sadly, no longer exists, but the word penarious lives on here at Stir It Up!

While the original Penarious Challenge is always open for readers to submit suggestions or recipes, it has now evolved into a personal challenge for me to step outside my comfort zone and make something that I wouldn’t ordinarily make, or use an ingredient that I don’t normally keep on hand. I’m always trying to broaden my horizons in the kitchen, so what better way than a challenge?

Will you join me?



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  2. I have a challenge for you…but to taste the challenge dish you have to check it out before you leave where you are right now!

    The cheese/queso at the Rams head or what ever that restaurant is called up there with the big horn sheep head on the window. It was make your tongue slap your brains out kinda good! The recipe as written in the menu…”Real cheese, stuff, more real cheese”, I gotta know what the stuff is in that cheese! =)

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