Red Curry & Coconut Stir Fry

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you! It is so much fun and, on top of that, versatile and yummy. What more can you ask for?

Asian food is rather controversial in our home. Some of us LOVE it and others…don’t. I love it and try to make everyone else love it too. They will thank me for it some day. :D

I think this recipe does the trick. The coconut red curry sauce may be served on the side so individuals can season their stir-fry as they please. I put soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, sirachi, and Bragg’s liquid aminos on the table for additional options.

2 lb. boneless chicken, cubed

3 carrots

1 green pepper

1 clove garlic

1/4 head of cabbage

24 oz. fresh chow mien noodles

1 can coconut milk

4 T. red curry paste

Heat a large skillet or wok with a tablespoon or two of oil in it. Add chicken, sprinkle with sea salt and saute until golden. Remove to a bowl or plate and cover to keep warm.

Julienne the carrots and green pepper, shred the cabbage and mince the garlic.

Drizzle some more oil into the skillet and add the vegetables. Then the noodles.

These are the noodles I used. I found them in the refrigerated department of Whole Foods.

They are so quick and easy and come in 2 individual packages for your convenience…unless you need over 4 packages. I can see the package opening process getting rather old.

Combine the can of coconut milk and 4 T. of red curry paste in a sauce pan and heat until warm.

Now I interrupt this recipe to introduce you to two of my favorite kitchen brands – Epicurean and Chef’n.

This rubber spatula is fabulous. It doesn’t have those annoying seams that get filled with gunk and are impossible to clean out and it’s nice and flexible. What’s more is that one end is a smaller spatula for those smaller jars. LOVE it!

I discovered the Epicurean cutting boards when I was in Idaho last summer at the Kitchen Engine in Spokane. All Epicurean products are made in the USA out of eco friendly materials. The cutting boards are dishwasher safe, easy on knives and look great. They also have a non slip series that I especially like.

End of commercial – back to the recipe. :D

Saute vegetables and noodles for about 5 minutes or until the cabbage is rather wilted and the color of the peppers and carrots are bright. Add chicken to the noodle mixture and toss. Serve with toppings of choice and garnish with sprigs of cilantro. Makes 6 servings.

Thanks to Sage for help with this collage. I will figure out Photoshop eventually!

So, that beautiful orange bowl you see? My sister Tera is taking glass classes in Guthrie at the G Gallery & Glass Studio. She made this bowl and brought it home just in time for me to use in my photo shoot. I love it, don’t you? The colors are just gorgeous. Thanks, Tera, for letting me use your art. :D