My Favorite Cooking Videos

Some things are just too good not to share.

This video from Happyolks is one of those things…

Apple + Squash Calzones from Happyolks on Vimeo.

And here is another…

Carte Noire Recette filmée #3 Fondants Chocolat from ))) datafone on Vimeo.

One more…

Dutch Oven Bread from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

I hope they inspire you as they do me. Someday, my sister and I hope to try our hand at this. You, my blog readers, will be the first to see how it turns out. :D

EDIT:  So this is probably a faux pas against the blogging world but I discovered a couple more videos from Carte Norie Recette. If you enjoyed the one above, you will love these as well.

Carte Noire Recette filmée #1 Macarons from ))) datafone on Vimeo.

Carte Noire Recette filmée #2 Cupcakes from ))) datafone on Vimeo.

This one totally takes me back to those coffee making days. <sigh> I miss it. Look at that creme! :D

Carte Noire Recette filmée #4 Crème au café… façon liégeois from ))) datafone on Vimeo.


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