Mango Ginger Stilton and Caramel – Together

I learned something new today. I am a Turophile.

Okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s simply a crazy word for a lover of cheese. I mean, I already knew I loved cheese, but actually putting a name to it – like Turophile? Well, that takes it to a whole new level.

Speaking of new levels… the combination of mango and ginger in Stilton cheese? It’s a level 10 out of 10. Amazingness.

I first discovered this cheese in a small grocery store and hardware shop in one of my favorite little towns ever, Georgetown, Colorado.

Kneisel & Anderson.

Photo by Kent Kanouse

We’ve been going there since I was a baby, so it almost feels like part of the family. Or maybe it feels that way because they stock so many Scandinavian foods and the owners are Swedish as well. It’s a connection with my roots.

They carry the big round Wasa crackers, lingonberry jam, teas, chocolates, and everything else you can imagine. Their cheese selection is one that you’d never think to find in such a small town. Havarti Dill, horseradish, soft cheeses with caraway, fruit Stiltons….

But let’s stop right there. I always stop right there. And I say, “Could I get a wedge of mango ginger Stilton, please? No need to wrap it, I’ll eat it on the way home.” I’m kidding about the second part – kind of. I haven’t done that before, but I just might in the future.

This stuff is…I don’t even know how to describe it…sweet, sharp, tangy – incredible. Period.

That is why I was so excited when Uptown Grocery, in my immediate vicinity, actually carries Mango Ginger Stilton!

That could be bad really…I think I might need another job.

It just so happened that our friend, Ian Lamont, over at Slickepott had sent my sister a jar of his new caramel sauce for a sneak peek tasting. You may remember the name from past posts. You also may remember that Slickepott fudge sauce is one of the best Chocolate Sauces out there. And the only reason I don’t say BEST is because I haven’t tasted all the chocolate fudge sauces out there. ( Thank goodness! I think that would be a full time occupation!) I know you remember if you tasted it. It’s just that kind of sauce.

The caramel sauce is pretty much just as delicious.

Do you see the flecks of vanilla bean? Now what caramel sauce do you know of that has real vanilla bean in it? This stuff is legit. I have to tell you though that this sauce won’t be for sale for a few months yet. I suggest you head over to the Slickepott site and tell Ian how much you’re looking forward to it. It just might hurry the process along. Heehee. :D

Suddenly, it clicked. Mango Ginger Stilton with Caramel? Stupid question.

So, I know this is a bit of a rabbit trail, but I was just thinking…did you just pronounce that c-word up there as CARE-a-mel or CAR-mul? I’ve gone on a internet search to see which is correct and find that CARE-a-mel is common in the Great Lakes area and the Northeastern US, while CAR-mul hails from the Atlantic Seaboard and southern states. And just to make you feel better, neither one is wrong. At least it made me feel better!

I’ve always said CARE-a-mel. But when I worked at a coffee shop in the Northwest, the boss told me I had to say CAR-mul (which totally sounds like a good word butchered to me.) because no one would know what I was talking about. I changed it, for the sole sake of good business and, now that I’m home, I find that I stumble all over the word. Do I keep saying CAR-mul, as I am now used to, or do I go back to the good ol’ CARE-a-mel? Argh! The problems of life! Maybe it would be better if one of them was wrong! Then I could pick the right one and be done with it.

The question now is would I rather be a yankee or a rebel?  This test told me I was “44% Dixie – barely in Yankeedom” (as opposed to 56% Yank?). For being born and raised in Oklahoma that’s not too shabby when I’d rather be from the North. Not to be a Yankee mind you, just to be in the mountains.

Back on the original trail!

These hors d’oeuvres, or desserts, or snacks, or however you want to serve them, are fast and easy and super tempting.

Here’s what you need –

2 oz. mango ginger stilton

4 oz. cream cheese

apricots, thinly sliced

Ritz crackers

caramel sauce

Mix the cream cheese and Stilton together with a spoon. Spread a bit onto a cracker. Top with a few slices of apricot and drizzle with caramel sauce.

Done. That easy.

Now, if you live in a part of the world that is deprived of Mango Ginger Stilton cheese like we were for so long, there is hope for you. You just need to make your own. A soft cheese, a sharp-crumbly cheese, minced dried mango and minced crystallized ginger – all mixed together – should do nicely.  I sincerely hope you don’t live in that part of the world though. I know what a lonely place it can be.

Enjoy and thanks for coming by!


28 thoughts on “Mango Ginger Stilton and Caramel – Together

  1. Great post Sarah…and I definitely say CARE-a-mel! As you know. :)
    And these are soooo super yummy, it was so hard not eating them while you got your photos! LOL
    And where in the world did you find that new word??? And how did someone connect it to cheese? ;)

    • I wanted something to describe “cheese lover” other than “cheese lover”, so I searched “what do you call someone who likes cheese?”. Ha3! You can find anything on the internet! :D

  2. Yowza. My taste buds are crying out for these right now. Looks SO GOOD!! And a confession…(please don’t judge)… I am a word-butcher. CAR-mul every time.

  3. Love this post, Sarah…you are just getting better at this, if there is any possible way you can get better…

    CARE-a-mel is the way I learned it in California and there is a town called CAR-mel out there. So perhaps they differentiate that way.

    These taste as good as the pictures portray…(your photos are excellent!)

  4. Oh, I love figuring out which part of the country says which version of a word. I have lived in all parts except far West. I hail from the South originally and I grew up saying “car-mul”. Like “Car-mulled Apples”. On another note, I fell in love with Stilton Cheese on a recent trip to Ireland. I love to talk to my cheese lady at our Whole Foods. I’ll be on the look out next time for your mango-ginger stilton!!

    • I know, it seems like every time we have a get together with people from out of state we start comparing notes on who says what how. Too fun!
      Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope your Whole Foods has, or can get, the MG Stilton for you. :D

  5. Ooh, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen mango ginger stilton–I’ll have to be on the lookout! I mean, apricot stilton is definitely good, but mango? Ginger? And with that caramel sauce? Yes, please!

  6. I think you had a religious experience… a vision or something. At first I thought you were crazy now I’m in awe.
    As for the burnt sugar pronunciation, I think I say both and it depends on the context. Carmel chews, careAmel popcorn. I’m originally from Florida and spent almost 20 years in the pacific northwest. Now I’m in Germany and its carhamel… how do you spell that gutteral sound in the back of your throat? :-)

    • You are so right about it being the context! I think that’s why I’m so confused. ;) CAR-mul latte sounds better than CARE-amel latte (that’s my coffee background speaking :P),and CARE-amel sauce rolls off the tongue better than car-mul sauce. But who on earth says CARE-a-mel-ize? Hmmm…I think I have before. :D
      I like carhamel. Maybe I’ll go with that.
      Thanks for commenting!

  7. I recently realised my whole diet is just a series of cheese delivery systems – pizza, sandwiches, pasta, fondue, raclette, even salads. If they sold mango ginger stilton here I’d double in weight in a year…

    • Ha! Ah yes, I hear ya! :D I have to admit that I’m thankful the store is a good thirty minutes away from me, so I can’t be tempted too often.
      Thanks for visiting!

  8. Can’t you do a gal a favor and add in some prohibitively difficult steps, like making the caramel from scratch, so that I don’t run to the store immediately and binge on these delicious looking things all season long? These look so good–thanks for sharing! P.S. I’ll admit it–I say CAR-mul. But your way sounds nicer!

    • Haha! You’ve got a point there! Such deliciousness should be VERY difficult to obtain. :D
      I’m still on the fence as to the pronunciation of caramel…I say it CAR-mul for lattes and CARA-mel for the candies. Oh dear!

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