Wild Morel Bruschetta

The last week has been rainy and cool and I’m so thankful that summer is not here quite yet. Spring definitely is though. And with rainy spring weather comes daffodils, redbuds, and mushrooms.

We have a lot of mushrooms popping up in the green house, but properly identifying mushrooms is scary business, so Mom pulls them out as they come. However, she and Anna found some morels on their walk at the lake and brought them home for me. Yay!

Bruschetta was the first thing I thought of – something to highlight the flavor of these wild morels.

But first I had to wash them. Bath number one is to get the noticeable dirt – and bugs – off.

These guys are totally hollow and have the coolest irregular pattern. No wonder it’s important to wash them so well! This looks like bug paradise.

I cut them in half for the next washing.

After about three baths and a good rinse in running water, I put them in a salt water bath to remove any hidden bugs and let them soak for a bit.

After another rinse they were ready to store for a later use. And since that all happened a couple days ago, it’s a good thing they keep well!

Tonight I finally had time to make the bruschetta.

Sliced morels…

Sliced garlic…

A good quality extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and french or sourdough bread. That’s all you need.

Saute the garlic and mushrooms in a tablespoon or two of oil.

They will get very juicy at first, but cook them until the juices evaporate.

Sprinkle with salt to taste and set aside.

Thinly slice the bread. I warned everyone before I left today not to eat the rest of Mom’s homemade Sourdough. I was happy to see they didn’t. They actually do listen to me! :D

Toast in a toaster or in the oven on broil.

Now, for all you garlic lovers out there – take a clove of garlic, cut it in half and rub the cut side on a slice of toasted bread.

Top it with the mushroom mixture and drizzle with olive oil.

Yep, it’s good enough to eat. Just had to make sure…

Garnish with fresh herbs if you like – rosemary was delicious with it – or leave it as is. It’s fabulous either way.

Stay tuned for another great hors d’œuvre (or dessert) idea!



7 thoughts on “Wild Morel Bruschetta

  1. Did you notice I took some with me? I just sauteed them in butter and we ate them with the wonderful salmon we get from the Couch’s and we also had artichokes…

    I thought the morels were delicious…you and Anna should go look for some more.

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