Breakfast Series – Fruit Omelet? Really?


Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the idea by the end of this post.
See,  I’m a strong believer in eating protein with every meal and, well, eggs definitely go well with the breakfast crowd. So I eat eggs for breakfast about, oh 98.9% of the time. That means I’m always looking for new, quick,  easy, one person breakfasts and tend to get really creative with my eggs. Most of the time I like what happens. Though I must admit I’ve made a couple doozies…ahem! Anyhow…
Eggs are just incredible! I absolutely love them. They are so versatile and soooo packed with yummy nutrients, including omega 3s – how can anyone not love them?
Anyways, I found a variation of this recipe when I was researching online nutrition courses. To be honest, I was skeptical, too. I mean, it’s just a bit weird or something. But I gave it a whirl and was impressed by all the different ways one could prepare this omelet. I still haven’t tried all my ideas out yet – not enough breakfasts in the day – but here are a couple to get your brain waves spinning.
The omelet base for a 10 inch skillet –
  • 2 farm fresh eggs
  • 1 T. milk, coconut milk, or cream
  • dash of cinnamon or a couple drops of vanilla
  • 1/2 t. honey, maple syrup or other sweetener (optional)
Whisk together in a small bowl until well combined. Pour on to a well buttered and heated skillet and cook on low until almost set. If you’re adventurous you can flip the omelet over to complete cooking. If not, place a lid on the skillet after pouring in the eggs and cook through out on very low heat. Invert or slide omelet on to a plate.
The fruit –
Now here’s where the fun starts. Strawberries are a great option. So are peaches, mango or blackberries. Just use what you have or what suits your fancy at the moment.
The dairy –
Cottage cheese, ricotta, or yogurt. Again, it all depends on what you like. This morning, I topped mine with cottage cheese, strawberries and vanilla yogurt.
Toppings –
Try chopped pecans with peaches, sliced almonds with strawberries or toasted coconut with mango. You can even drizzle on some maple syrup if you like things sweeter. It’s better than french toast. Seriously.

So, I have a few questions for you…

Is this recipe just too uncomfortable for your taste buds, or would you like to see more “wacky” and unusual recipes?
(EDIT: I edited out the questions that don’t apply anymore since I changed over to WordPress! Blogging life is so much easier! :D )

Thanks for reading and please let me know any thoughts and ideas you might have. I’d love to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “Breakfast Series – Fruit Omelet? Really?

  1. It looks and sounds delish!1. Nope, totally not uncomfortable with this kind of recipe–I'm an adventurous cook, myself. ;)2. Yep. I think the background is too dark. My eyes are lurching around and twitching. Of course, that my be because I have a migraine….one never knows. ;)3. Me! I do. If I even remember that I commented. :DOh, and methinks this is my first comment ever on your blog! Big day. *nod*

  2. I support this recipe.Hehe…I feel like I need a yard sign or something…Seriously though, thanks for sharing this with me earlier…I had it several times when I was on my restricted diet, and it really is good!So that answers #1.#2. I read your blog on google reader, which is a white background, so your specific background color doesn't really bother me. However…the font colors can be tricky. The light blue regular font comes through black in google reader, but the yellow font comes through yellow…which means white google reader background + yellow font = hard to read. That doesn't really answer your question, though. ;-)#3. I do go back to read comment replies…if I remember. Hehe…

  3. Thanks for commenting, Grace and April! And a double thank you for answering my questions. :P Whew! I'm relieved that the first two commenters don't think it's too weird. I don't want to get too edgy you know! :DI'll work on a more reader friendly color scheme.

  4. Awesome!! That looks sooo yummy!!1. Please post more weird recipes.2. The background is a little dark. If you went with a super light gray and then had black writing it'd look cool!3. Haha sometimes I do if I remember!! :)

  5. We sure will try fruit omelets…what is there NOT to like?Thank you!Background: I think older eyes, in particular, can have trouble with it so dark for some reason…the text tends to glare at me or blur in together…..but I love the way it looks! (when I'm not reading :)

  6. I think this sounds DELICIOUS! I need to try it sometime.No, I don't think its too wacky. I don't have a hard time reading it…but thats just me. And yes, if I remember when and where I comment I go back. ;)Awesome job Sarah, I love your blog! :)

  7. Well, I tried the lighter background and just couldn't like it, so what do you all think of this? After several combination tries, I thought this one was the most readable (and still looked good).Thanks for your input Pam, Mom and Tera.

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