2010 – From a Purely Culinary Point of View

I think I’m going to miss 2010. It will definitely hold a special place in my heart anyway. Looking back over the year I see a treasure of memories – some sweet, some salty (as in tears) – a perfect mix actually, as we all know how often we take the good for granted in life.
About this time last year I was stressing over Europe trip plans. I have to admit that’s all I remember doing from January to the middle of April when our flight finally took off for Holland.
European food was definitely one of the highlights of that trip. If I had to nominate a recipe as the crowning glory of my Taste of Europe Series the Dutch Kerststol would be it.

However, Flemish Beef Stew with Pear Sauce would come in a close second.

And I just have to say that the Swiss  Smoked Gouda and Apple Cider Fondue wins the prize as my favorite post in the series.

This summer,  I was privileged to spend 5 wonderful weeks in one of my favorite places – Georgetown, Colorado and the surrounding area.

Picking wild huckleberries (the first I had every found in Colorado), raspberries, and currants and eating them out of hand was definitely a treat. And the wild Mushroom Hunting was extraordinary!

On the sweet side of life, we had Blackberry Dark Chocolate Macadamia Ice Cream and Raspberry Orange Cheesecake.


Soft Pretzels and Chicken Pot Pies satisfied the salty cravings.

Makes me wonder what 2011 will hold! What recipes will be the next great discovery
Well, this is where you come in! I’ve dubbed it the   

Check out the new page on the header tab bar to see what it’s all about! You’ll also find other new additions to Stir It Up! 
The Food Favs page gives a list of handy kitchen helps – books, videos, websites and more. This list will be growing constantly, so don’t just check it once.

About the Chef – that explains itself…

And once again, there’s a new search bar on the right where you can find any of my recipes in a jiffy – as long as you know one key ingredient,  that is. :D

With all that said, I hope you enjoy these new features in 2011! Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, or criticisms!

Thank you to all my readers and have a wonderful year!


8 thoughts on “2010 – From a Purely Culinary Point of View

  1. I miss your cooking!!! Will you make some of that bread this year??? PPPppllllleeeeaaaasssseee?!?!?! ;)Can't wait to see what you come up with for this year. Loved this post, by the way!!!

  2. I can't wait!!! Oh and Sarah…you would be SO proud of me. I put eggplant on one of the pizzas the other night…and mushrooms in the pasta tonight.And I'm using garlic AND onions. :D

  3. Sarah ~ I just love your blog…love your food and I think your penarious challenge is a great idea…I think you should post a reminder on every post because people forget and I think they may think about it and come up with something in the future…I'm sure sometime this year I'll come up with some challenge for you…Great post! Great food!

  4. Hey Sarah – I wasn't reading Our Daily Bread…was that the reading for last week? That would be funny… I'm trying to read through the epistles three times this year.We didn't get a one-on-one conversation, did we? We must remedy that next time, yes indeed.::hug::

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