The Last Taste of Europe: Rome to Home

The last night in Rome, Anna and I found a wonderful little shop across the street from the Pantheon, Antica Salumeria.
 The friendly Italian “classic butcher shop guy” sold a variety of meats, cheeses, breads and  pastries – just what we were looking for!
We bought a couple cheeses to take home with us – one a Parmesan Reggiano and the other, I’m guessing, was a hard provolone – I couldn’t understand the name, but that’s what it tasted like.
The olive oil in the boot of Italy jar was a gift from the owner, who practically proposed to me. :)
We also brought home a bottle of Crema de Meloncello dessert wine and, of course, chocolate.
Lots of it….
But not quite this much.

Just this much….

And some from Brugge and Switzerland.

We had a party when we got home. Yum! Actually, we had a couple parties. :D
I made spaghetti with the last of our cheese from Rome. It just seemed fitting to make an Italian dish as the grand finale.
Check out the stamps on the cheese. I wish I had a whole wheel of it!
Meat ball sauce to serve over angel hair pasta!
Dipping crusty bread in oil and balsamic vinegar is one of our favorite sides with Italian dinners. Just a random fact…no pics. :D
So, no recipes this time – just pictures and fun memories.

3 thoughts on “The Last Taste of Europe: Rome to Home

  1. Hey! Maybe if you open a restaurant or at least start charging for some of these amazing meals you'll be able to fund another trip to someplace exotic for more culturally educational culinary delights! (wow…say that three times fast! ;) )

  2. Thank you for the chocolate y'all shared with me!!! I just ate the last piece the other day. I kinda misplaced it and it made my day when I found it!!! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful memories with all of us!!!!

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