Make me smile!

I made pancakes again the other morning and handed my brother, John, one. After dressing it up with syrup and whipped cream he sat down on a bar stool and took a bite… “MMmmm! Ahhh! Ohh!”  (John can be very dramatic when he wants to be. :D )
“Sarah, I hope you NEVER lose, or wander, or stray from this recipe EVER again!”
Yikes! Talk about pressure. I think my pancake making days are over! :P

It’s a good feeling – making something someone enjoys so much.

Speaking of bringing people enjoyment!
Some wonderful, anonymous person gave me a subscription to a phenomenal little magazine called Everyday Food. I’ve been having so much fun with it! It’s packed with recipes and food ideas and, so far, is my favorite food publication ever.
This month’s addition had a recipe for cornbread that was particularly awesome. The brother mentioned above is also the brother who does not like cornbread. Period. Knowing that fact very well, I only made one skillet – also knowing I’d have a lot leftover.
(My family never ceases to amaze me. The minute I think I have them figured out they pull another trick out of their bag.)
Anyway, I look across the table to see John taking seconds of cornbread and I nearly fell out of my chair. “Is this all you made?”
“Um, yeah! What do you think you’re doing eating all that cornbread????!!!” Just kidding, I didn’t say that. :D
 Next time, I’ll make 3 skillets…and there will be two and a half leftover. That’s just the way it goes.

 Anyway, Wonderful Anonymous Person, whoever you are, Thank You for the subscription to Everyday Food! I love it! :D

Well, since we’re on the subject of making me smile, I have to tell you one of my latest favorite recipes.

Potato Soup with Turkey Bacon and Smoked Gouda Cheese

And…ummm… actually, I don’t really have a recipe for this. I mean a recipe with measurements and all that jazz. But for this potato soup, the bacon and smoked gouda is the only jazzin’ up you’ll need. And for the soup part you can use any ol’ potato soup recipe…or better yet, your favorite!

Anyways, you should try it.
It might make you smile. :D

5 thoughts on “Make me smile!

  1. That potato soup brings back good memories, Sarah! It's yummy!!! That is one great little magazine. I pick one up when I can. I'm so glad someone did that for you! It could've been someone is your house who loves to eat your cooking!!

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