Spreading Sweetness

Thursday, Anna and I spent the whole day at the Oklahoma Food Coop checking in deliveries from local producers and packing orders into ice chests. It’s a fun day and a great way to meet your very own vegetable growers and meat handlers.

After we were done with that we drove around OKC and Edmond in our 15 passenger van to help a friend deliver a truck load of groceries to various drop points. We finally hit the last one and found out that we had a cooler and a bucket of wheat that had to go back to the last drop point we were at. Uh-oh! Well, we decided to load it up in the van and run it over there. That’s when we discovered “it”.

That delicous, lovely, amber colored, 35 dollar gallon of honey that I had just got from the coop had fallen over in the back of the van and dumped 3/4’s of it’s sweet contents all over the floor! I had to laugh – it was a laugh or cry situation after all, but what a mess!!! There was nothing we could do about it until we got home, so we delivered the items and went out to eat.

Silly me, I didn’t even think to park facing up hill so the honey wouldn’t spread throughout the van! When we came out of the restaurant, we noticed a huge puddle under our vehicle. It was dripping out every possible place, including down the bumper. We joked on the way home that we were just dripping sweetness everywhere we went. :P

Anna’s dog, Riata, thought it was fabulous when we arrived home and, I think, got a stomachache from licking the bumper clean. Unfortunately, Anna and I were the ones who had to clean the rest of it and that was not so fabulous! :D

What is really funny (and I had completely forgotten about this until Anna brought it up after the honey episode), is that the day before we were shopping in the grocery store and I noticed this white grainy stuff on the floor. I kind of shuffled it away with my flip-flop and walked on. Anna walked up just then and said, “Is that you?”. There were little piles of white stuff right where I had stopped to get something. The culprit? A bag of white sugar!

I don’t know what our deal is, but I think we need to cut it out! :D

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