Camp Food!

A couple weekends ago, my brother pulled off another one of his awesome kinda-annual Colorado rafting trips! Woohoo! It is sooo much fun! He asked me to do the food part, so I went all out this time to prove that camping food can be fast, fun, healthy and taste good all at the same time!

Here’s the menu –

Dinner #1 – Chili, chips and cheese, carrot sticks, homemade Peanut Butter cookies

Breakfast – Pre-made(at home) Breakfast Burritoes (just wrap in foil and grill), grapes

Lunch on the raft – Cheese Salad Sandwiches (see my recipe in previous post, only I added jalapenos! Mmm!) , cucumber slices (from the farmers market) and apples

Dinner #2 – Chicken Alfredo, Sourdough bread(yep, I made that too), Salad and more cookies (we aren’t s’more fans :D)

Breakfast – French Toast with blueberries (get a frozen bag of them and let thaw) and whipped cream, yogurts

Lunch on raft – Turkey and Provolone Cheese Sandwhiches w/ Avocado (from the pkg.) chips and grapes

I did alot of prep work at home and froze items to pack. It worked out so well because we didn’t need a ton of ice and everything thawed in time to eat it.

So, next time you go camping be brave… Bring everything! :D

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