Hot days…

Wow! It’s 97 degrees out there! Thankfully it’s cooler here than in town – they must have gone over 100 with all that pavement and all.

I have a great little recipe to share with you today. Salads tend to get old during the summer and I’m always looking for ways to use lots of veggies. This recipe does that, plus it’s cool and makes great sandwiches. I shredded everything in the food processor, which makes it super fast and easy. If you don’t have anything (or anyone :D ) to shred for you, you may want to wait to try this recipe until you do.

1 lb. cheddar cheese (other varieties will work as well.)
2 small zucchini
2 small carrots
6 lg. radishes
1/2 red pepper
1/2 c. mayonnaise

Shred all vegetables – except for red pepper – and cheese. Dice pepper. Combine all ingredients and chill. Use as cracker dip, sandwich spread or even melt on toast.

And yes, it’s a great way to use up all those radishes! :D A friend of mine mentioned that she puts sliced radishes in leftover Claussen pickle juice, so I have some of those “brewing” in the frig. If they taste anything like Claussen pickles, my family with gobble them up! :P


So, farmer’s markets are bursting forth everywhere! Edmond’s market on 2nd Street has grown a lot since last summer. Anna and I went down to the OSU market that moved to Western and 63rd last Thursday. If it wasn’t for that intense Oklahoma heat we would have thought we were back in Colorado (they always have the best markets up there)! We strolled around, chatting with vendors we know from the Oklahoma Food Coop and checking out the goodies.

I have to say the most impressive booth was, not produce, but orchids! Phenominal! Absolutely phenominal. I’ve never seen such amazing plants in real life! :D

One thing is for sure, someone needs – and I mean NEEDS – to make homemade ice cream for that market. Fresh milk and cream, a few awesome flavors…it would sell like hot cakes (in winter. :P ). I know it!

Happy summer all!

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