Blog News

Yay! I’ve found the subscriber button – I think… That should mean that whoever of you who would like, may receive e-mail notifications when I do a blog update! Which also should mean you won’t have to come here anymore to see if I’ve “posted again yet” – it comes straight to you! Or so I think… :? If anyone can help me out here, I’d ever so much appreciate it! :D

I’ve also added a list of cookbooks and other food related items that I have found helpful, wonderful, or just plain interesting. (This feature, I know works! :P ) I’ll add more to that later.

No new recipes this time. Half the family has been traveling, so I’ve been taking a break from the kitchen and spending more time out in the garden. It’s been lovely! Wish I could send a boat load of radishes to any of you radish lovers out there! Anyone have any good radish related recipes? I’m swamped! :D

Throw your thoughts into the mix!

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