Woohoo! I’ve been doing an awesome job of keeping up with this, haven’t I?? Ummm…no comments from the peanut gallery! :P

It was been such an incredible month (hem! or two…) full of food, fun and friends…only I enjoy them most in the opposite order. Of course, what would friends be without food…or food without friends? Ah yes, I did promise I wouldn’t get too deep here didn’t I?

Well since this blog is about food, I’ll try to stay on subject. Would you believe that I spent a whole week getting up at 5:00 am just to cook food for 275 people until 2:00 pm? But here’s where friends come in again! I have the most awesome friends that were there cooking with me and it was such a great week! Mandy Booher makes a fabulous kitchen manager (not to mention friend!). I’m always inspired by her creativity in the kitchen. The crew was just too much fun to miss. You should have heard the song we did for the Band Scrabble night. Yep, if you haven’t guessed yet, this was the week for the Booher’s Music Camp!

That was just part of our trip to the Northwest – we backpacked up to Hunt Lake in Idaho and cooked over a campfire, picnicked on the beach, ate in the 4Runner, dinned with friends, and ate huckleberries in WA and blueberries and peaches in OR right off the bushes and trees! We still have some of those blueberries and they are truly the best!

Back at home, I was faced with patty pan squash! Everyone who likes patty pans say “I”!!! Hmmm…that’s what I thought. My brothers don’t like them either – and why they grow in our garden, I just don’t know! Well, they are good in some recipes, but the guys won’t give it a chance. If it’s squash, it’s “yuck”, is their motto! Well, I can’t eat them all, so I…well, I hid it. Don’t tell. :P They never knew the difference! Let’s just say that meatloaf makes a wonderful camouflage for unwanted veggies!

We’re still getting a few tomatoes and some friends offered us some okra – I’m going to pick that this evening. That’s another of the guy’s “fav’s“… haha! I’ll see what I can do with that! :D

Fall is definitely in the air which means it’s time to break out the crock pot! I love soups and casseroles, but I have not yet mastered “The Crock”. It’s a relatively new item in our kitchen and I’m looking forward to doing some more experimentation with it.

No recipes this time, but I intend to have the website running before the year is out…remind me will you? :D

Happy cooking!

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