Travel Food

Yesterday, we all drove up here to the beautiful Rockies in Georgetown, Colorado. I can’t even express how nice it is to be cool again outside! :D However, it does take 10 long hours to get up here…add two more hours for 4th of July traffic…and enough food to tide 9 people over until we get to our destination.
We’ve been traveling as a family for years, so I’m always on the lookout for terrific recipes that are highly portable and eatable – tough combo, that! :P
My website will feature a section just for this kind of food. Here’s one of our favs though, just as a teaser… LOL! It’s almost too easy to post, but I’ll take my chances with it. :D

cream cheese
favorite salsa – we use Pace

Blend and serve with veggies and crackers.

I always make a lot of veggie sticks – carrots, celery, peppers. Grape tomatoes are another great travel food. Triscuits are one of the best crackers, IMO, but you can use this dip on anything.

So, you’ll have to wait for the website for other ideas. I worked on it on the way up here – planning menus so, hopefully, you won’t have to. :D

Gotta run though! There’s volleyball in the park before we have a big dinner of brisket, potato salad, rolls and corn on the cob. There will be fireworks off the mountain once it gets dark, and let me tell you, the echo is awesome! Perfect way to end a wonderful day!

Happy 4th everyone! :D

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