Summer fun!

Wow! What a week it’s been…or two actually!

I did make a batch of sourdough bread the day after my last post. The sour part was awesome…the dough part wasn’t so sweet. :D I want to make sourdough bread that would beat a loaf right out of San Jose. Yeah… So I’m still working on it. When I’m satisfied with the results I’ll post the recipe. :P

We had company for about four days – a family band of eight – plus more company on top of that, so I was super busy in the kitchen. It’s great fun cooking for large crowds! I made my Roasted Veggie dish served with pasta and Parmesan Peppercorn Sauce one night. The recipe will be posted on my website when it’s up. It’s one of my favorite summer recipes because you can use almost anything in it that you can find a the farmer’s market. Mmmm!

Ah, yes! The market… After going to the Colorado Farmer’s Market in Evergreen, our little Edmond market looks…rather sad. However, the super nice people make up for the sorry size with huge smiles and generosity. I bought a 40 lb. box of tomatoes from a man for 10 dollars and went home to make about 4 gallons of salsa and a gallon of tomato sauce. Of course, instead of canning, I froze it all. I’ve made up my mind that it is altogether too depressing to spend one’s day canning and canning and canning… only to have it all eaten the very next day. Simply NOT worth it!
Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a teensy, weensy, little bit… :P but it’s close! :D

Just a little kitchen fact here…never line the bottom of your new oven with aluminum foil!!!! Did you know the stuff melts? Welds just nicely right into the oven finish. Ugh! And it never comes up. Anyways, thought some of you might like to know that. Wish some dear soul had told me not too long ago! Live and learn! :D

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