Corks and Such

Well, yesterday was the 7th day for the starter and ginger brew! YAY! I bottled the brew and put it on the shelf to develop “sizzles”. This morning I noticed that one of the corks had popped off! Must be some potent stuff! :D

Speaking of potent, that’s the perfect word to describe my sourdough starter. It lived through to the refrigeration stage though, folks! :P I’ll be making bread with it tomorrow or the next day, so we’ll see how it tastes…

Anyways, we’re still getting lettuce from the garden, which has been sooooo nice! I really feel like I’m eating leaves dipped in pesticides when I buy it from the store. Yuck!

Tomorrow the summer farmer’s market opens in Edmond. I’m excited to see what produce they have and if I can find any deals. A couple years ago I got boxes of tomatoes and peaches for dirt cheap. It was awesome! :D

It’s about time for blackberries to be ripening, so I need to find a Pick Your Own place. We have two wild bushes I discovered on a walk, but that provides about a berry each. With proper rationing, we could make it last a couple hours. ; )

Dinner time…

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