What’s growing…

Caleb came into the kitchen yesterday morning as I was feeding my sourdough starter and started ham boning to a impromptu “rap” song…”Sarah’s in the kitchen makin‘ sourdough, Just enough so her brothers can grow…”. Maybe those weren’t the exact words ’cause I busted up laughing in the middle of it. My brothers are always teasing me and Anna about our little kitchen adventures…or misadventures if occasion sees fit. At least they are willing to try just about everything… :D

So yeah, my “real” sourdough starter is actually living though the week! I’ve killed two batches in the last month…very sad. Today it’s really starting to smell…ummm…SOUR. We’ll see how it progresses since it has 4 more days to “culture” before I can use it.

A friend of mine gave me a Kombucha mushroom, or “the mother of vinegar” as it really is, so Anna and I have been making Kumbucha! If you’ve never tried Ginger Kumbucha at the health food store, you’re really missing out! That’s my ultimate goal, but so far I’ve just made plain kumbucha. For those of you who are thinking “What on earth…?”, Kumbucha is a zingy refreshing drink made from black tea, sugar and the “mother of vinegar”. It cultures for up to 30 days and is supposedly VERY healthy.

Anyway, the idea of ginger kumbucha got me to thinking, so I started the ginger bug to make Ginger Brew. That’s the other thing that’s brewing in the kitchen now.

And while I was on the thinking track, I decided to make my own vinegar. I mean, why ever not if I have the mother of vinegar! So instead of black tea and sugar I used organic apple juice. Two weeks and wa la! it produced vinegar just like Bragg’s does! I used it in potato salad the other night and it was great.

Well, today I need to made a batch of tortillas…and it’s certainly not going to happen while I’m on here!

Throw your thoughts into the mix!

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